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dimarts, 6 de setembre de 2016

From Sketches to Pattern: Tribal Bear Collection

Hi there!!

I am so excited to anounce that few months ago I joined Pattern Jam as independent designer. My "Tribal Bear" collection is available to create customized quilts and ready to quilt panels on their site. They recently open a fabric shop and they are now on sale by meter. How great it is? I can't even believe! I created these patterns during Module 2 at "Make it in Design" school. Here are some of my initial sketches.

You can find more pictures of my "Tribal Bear" fabric collection at my Instagram account here #tribalbearfabrics and #tribalbearcollection.

Drawing a bear by @alextilalila

Sketches by @alextilalila
I started drawing some bears and I take inspiration from books at home about native indian american tribes.
Sketches by @alextilalila #tribalbearfabrics

Sketches by @alextilalila #tribalbearfabrics

These are a few prints of "Tribal Bear" collection by me!!

Few prints of my "Tribal Bear" collection by @alextilalila

"Dancing Feathers" by @alextilalila

"Tribal Bear" main print by @alextilalila

by @alextilalila

"Tribal Bear" collection colourway 2 by @alextilalila

Tribal Bear collection colourway 3 by @alextilalila

You can find me at Pattern Jam as Alexandra Bordallo. You can joined for free at 
It is so much fun playing around there and create beautiful quilts. I already create several quilts using my own fabrics and I fall in love with it. It is a great feeling seeing my designs turned into quilts!! And it is even better when I see other people using them to customized their quilts!! 

Here are few quilts I designed at

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it!!

until next,




dilluns, 20 de juny de 2016

The Kielo Wrap Dress sewed with my fabric design

CAT: Fa cosa d'un mes, la directora creativa de la web Sprout Patterns va contactar amb mi, a través de la meva botiga de Spoonflower Alextilalila's shop. Resulta que estava interessada en comprar un parell de metres de tela d'un dels meus dissenys de flors anomenat "Enjoy Little Things". Tenia en ment cosir el nou vestit Kielo dissenyat per Named Clothing. Imagineu-vos quina emoció!! Per fi podria veure un dels meus dissenys en un producte real, i a sobre en un projecte relacionat amb el món de les teles i la costura, les meves dues grans passions.

ENG: One month ago, Sprout Creative Director Caroline Okun contacted me to order one of my spoonflower designs, "Enjoy Little Things" (find it here). It was an amazing feeling that she let me know she'd love to sew the gorgeous Kielo Dress with my floral design. The Kielo Dress is the new Named Clothing sewing pattern available at Sprout Patterns website. I can't even belive it. Finally I could see a real sewing project made with my own designed fabric!!

Caroline models the Kielo dress she sewed with my fabric design

CAT: La Caroline va decidir fer servir la tela Poly Crepe de Chine de Spooflower per cosir ella mateixa el vestit. Es tracta d'un teixit molt suau i semi transparent, i la veritat és que el resultat és excepcional! Em va agradar molt seguir tot el procés de creació a través de la seva pàgina d'Instagram @sproutpatterns (si no els seguiu, us ho recomano!!) Van penjar 3 fotos i finalment un vídeo (que podeu veure clicant aquí) on ensenyava el vestit acabat. Preciós! No podia estar més contenta!!

ENG: Caroline decided to sew up a Kielo using Poly Crepe de Chine fabric and it turned out so pretty! I enjoyed following all the work in progress they shared at @sproutpatterns Instagram account (if you aren't following them, just do it! so much inspiration!!)

Kielo #sproutpatterns from @namedclothing. Luscious design by @alextilalila

Pic by Sprout Patterns (find it here at their IG @sproutpatterns)

French seam started for the center back on this @namedclothing Kielo- getting close!

Pic by Sprout Patterns (find it here at their IG @sproutpatterns)

ENG: How exciting my fabric design has been selected as Caroline's favorite to sew herself the lovely Kielo Dress. I was literally jumping and shouting when I saw the final dress!! Love it!!

CAT: El patró d'aquest mateix vestit està a la venda a la seva pàgina web (cliqueu aquí).

ENG: You can find the pattern dress ready to order with my design at Sprout Patterns website by clicking here If you sew one for yourself, please, share it on social media tagging me @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns I would be happy to see any project you create with my fabrics!

Sobre/About Sprout Patterns:

CAT: Coneixeu la web de Sprout Patterns? És una empresa associada a Spoonflower i que ofereixen diversos patrons de roba i complements a punt per cosir. Només heu d'escollir el patró que voleu, triar l'estampat que més us agradi d'entre tots els de Spoonflower, i ells mateixos s'encarreguen de imprimir el patró ja estampat en un tros de tela. L'únic que heu de fer quan us arribi a casa és tallar i cosir. I us estalvieu el procés de fer o comprar el patró, adaptar les mides i marcar-lo a la roba. No ho trobeu una molt bona idea??

ENG: Did you hear about Sprout Patterns? Sprout Patterns is a new division service of Spoonflower that offers public indie sewing patterns ready to cut and sew. Each project is digitally printed by Spoonflower at their Durham, NC headquarters. You just have to choose your sewing project from Sprout Patterns curated collection, fill it with fabric designed by independent designers of spoonflower's marketplace, and they print your customized sewing project on length of fabric. How awesome is it!!

CAT: I a més a més, a part del patró a punt per cosir, rebreu també el patró digital, amb instruccions i un PDF original amb totes les talles disponibles. És un pack rodó!

ENG: And you will receive with your order a package that includes a digitally printed custom sewing pattern, with instructions and the original PDF pattern with all sizes available. It couldn't be better!

CAT: Podeu comprar les meves teles a la meva botiga clicant aquí Alextilalila's shop.

ENG: You can find my fabric designs for sale at my spoonflower Alextilalila's shop 


Alex ;)

Find me on Instagram @alextilalila
Happy to meet you there!!

diumenge, 14 de febrer de 2016

Spoonflower weekly contest: Limited Colour Palette

Aquesta setmana he decidit presentar un dels meus dissenys al concurs setmanal de disseny d'estampats que organitza Spoonflower. El tema d'aquesta setmana és utilitzar uns colors en concret:

I entered this week contest at ‪#‎spoonflower‬ for the first time. The theme is Limited Colour Palette: Gray, Cream, Cucumber and Peach. I feel so excited! I finally fall in love with this colour palette (never work with these soft colours before...) There are lots of lovely designs there and it is amazing how they look so different using the same colours.

Aquest disseny forma part de la meva nova col·lecció d'estampats SWEET "rainy" JUNE i l'he anomenat "Gaudeix de les coses petites". M'ha agradat molt treballar amb aquests colors. No els hagués escollit segurament mai, però estic molt contenta amb el resultat. Aquests estampats estaran disponibles en teles ben aviat a la web Spoonflower Shop Alextilalila

I named this new design "Enjoy the little things". It belongs to my SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection, insiring by my little son. Here is in two colourways with the same colour palette. This prints will be available soon as fabric at my Spoonflower Shop Alextilalila

He estat creant altres estampats amb aquest dibuix de la flor que vaig dibuixar a ma. Han sortit combinacions força maques i segurament les aniré pujant a la web de Spoonflower Shop Alextilalila per tal que estiguin disponbles com a tela també.

I am working in some other designs, playing around with this floral motif . Love the way this repeat is turning out beautifully, so simple and lovely at the same time. I still playing with the colour palette and try to find some new prints to coordinate my collection. This is a sneak peek of my work in progress and the way I use to work using Adobe Illustrator.

Espero que us hagi agradat!

Hope you like it & happy designing!


ALeX ;)

dilluns, 8 de febrer de 2016

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: MAIN PATTERN

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

 Phase 3: Working on main patterns

I started working on a main pattern with my tiny birdies and tipis motifs. I like include as much as I can and that people who look the pattern feel like are there a lots of things in to get lost looking at it. I am not sure about the colour again, but I try to create something that I feel drawn to it.

And then I build another pattern, playing with all the leaves and flowers I've been drawing. I named this pattern Forest Treasures because it reminds me when we go to the forest, with our little guy, and we find there beautiful tiny treasures and discover all the amazing shapes and textures in the forest.

"Forest Treasures" by @alextilalila 
"Sunshine at Forest" by @alextilalila 

Here is another colourway. It was the first design I created of the "Forest Treasures" version. I named it "Sunshine at Forest". These are available to purchase at my Redbubble shop, Alextilalila. They are quite different but I love the two versions
You can find them as tote bags, pouches, notebooks, mugs and other goodies.
Find them here:

"Forest Treasures" at Redbubble

- "Sunshine at Forest" at Redbubble
"Forest Treasures" by @alextilalila 
Thanks for reading. I'll post Phase 4: Working on a Main pattern soon. You Can take a look at my last post about my new collection SWEET "rainy" JUNE:

Phase 1: Inspiration 
Phase 2 Drawing and Digitizing 
- Phase 3: Building patterns

You can find all my work at Instagram 
@alextilalila with the tag:



Alex ;) 

     wish you a happy creative week!!

diumenge, 7 de febrer de 2016

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: Building patterns

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

 Phase 3: Building patterns

First, I want to share how my workspace look like. I am working on my first pattern for this new collection and I don't know where this is going... I'd like to include some flowers, but I am not sure if they are going to look nice. 
I am working with my colour palette already, but the motifs are painted randomly again, I never choose the final colourway until I have my pattern done, it's just my way to work! What do you do at this stage? Choose first the colours of the motifs or at the end?

Work in progress by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns

After a few hours digitizing and playing with the motifs that I feel drawn to, I got my first pattern and I am pretty happy with it. I leave my tiny birdies behind and started playing with some leaves.
I named this one WILD FOREST LEAVES and this will be a secondary pattern maybe... 
This is the pattern box with all the motifs on the right, and also the original doodles at the bottom. I included the colour palette in these tiny lovely flowers below the name of the collection. Hope you like it!! (such an amazing feeling to see all the doodles come to live and turn into patterns ;))

And here is my final patter with other two colourways:

Thanks for reading. I'll post Phase 4: Working on a Main pattern soon. You can take a look at my last post about my new collection SWEET "rainy" JUNE:

Phase 1: Inspiration 
Phase 2 Building patterns: Drawing and Digitizing 


Alex ;) 
     wish you a happy creative week!!

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: Drawing and Digitizing

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

     Fase 2 del procés creatiu: dibuixar i digitalitzar els dibuixos

Quan dibuixo sempre ho faig primer amb llapis i llavors ho passo a net amb tinta negre, perquè si m'equivoco, o dibuixo una cosa que no m'agrada, ho puc borrar. Però aquesta vegada he dibuixat directament amb un bolígraf i un retolador negre. A continuació he penjat les pàgines escanejades directament des del meu bloc de dibuix.

     Phase 2: Drawing and Digitizing

These are some of my sketches from my sketchbook. I'd like to include in my collection some floral drawings and  geometric shapes too. I've been drawing trees and birds because my little boy love them. This time I tried to put myself out of my comfort zone:

1. I've been drawing directly with my ink pen and brushes (not use my pencil and erase at all)
2. I've been drawing animals for the first time ever!!! ;)
by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns

by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns
by @alextilalila #alextilaliladesigns
After sketching it is time to digitize my drawings in Adobe illustrator using my wacom tablet... It has been a long time to redrawing all of these sketches with the blob brush tool again. I paint them randomly while I am drawing them (these are not the final colours) When it is done, I start picking up colours that I feel drawn to and I start paint them and create patterns. Fun, fun, fun!!! It's so exciting see all these motifs come alive... I love these birdies, they look so cute and I am pretty proud of them (it's my first time drawing animals!! yay!)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my moodboard inspiration. I'll post Phase 2: Building patterns soon. You can take a look at my last post Phase 1: Inspiration


Alex ;) 
     wish you a happy creative day!!

divendres, 5 de febrer de 2016

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection: moodboard inspiration

SWEET "rainy" JUNE collection

Estic treballant en el disseny d'una nova col.lecció d'estampats, arrel d'un curs intensiu a la web Skillshare amb una de les dissenyadores d'estampats que més m'agraden, l'Elizabeth Olwen. Per tal de buscar inspiració per a començar a dibuixar, he creat un panell amb un recull de imatges de flors que he trobat a Instagram, així com també dissenys i il·lustracions de dissenyadores que m'agraden.

I am working in a new collection since a took the Elizabeth Olwen's 2 weeks workshop at Skillshare (Pattern Design I: Creating Inspiring Repeats). She is one of my favorites surface pattern designers and also a great teacher. I want to share the first assigment that I made for the course: 
Phase 1: Inspiration
Here is my moodboard. I named this collection SWEET "rainy" JUNE because it reminds me when my 18 months son was born last June 2014:
1. The day we meet him for the first time ever, it was the SWEETEST day in my enterly lifeThe moment we meet him for the first time ever, was the SWEETEST moment in my life until now (then it came a full pack of weird new feelings and contradictions, we are learning how to being parents...)
2. It was a really rainy summer, truly!! ;))
I'd like to create a collection inspired by his sweet and curious soul, and how our life has changed since we meet him. 
To create a moodboard I pick some floral pictures to find colour palette inspiration. I took some of these pictures, and also picked some from instagram and pinterest searching (I love these apps so much to get inspired!!). 
I draw some sketches and try to make a list of words, feelings and memories from these past 18 month of my life, full of happiness, love and new sensations, but also confusion, insecurity and big changes in life priorities. 

Moodboard inspiration by @alextilalila
I want to include some pictures that I found in Instagram to get inspiration and pick up colours to help me choose the colour palette.  Also, I included some patterns and illustrations from some of my favorite artists: Bethan Janine, Flora Waycott. I am so in love with their work, sweet and colourful designs. Look at their illustrations is really inspiring. I share them here again, so you can appreciate the details!! 
Nature Trail by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio
Nature Trail by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio
Nature Trail by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studio
Flora Waycott's Global Talent Search 2014 submission

By Flora Waycott 

By Flora Waycott
I would like to share Susan Driscoll desigs that I love (but I can't include them on my class moodboard). I adore her work too and her last fabric collection for Dashwood Studio, called Cotton Candy, is absolutly gorgeous. 

Cotton Candy collection by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood Studio
Cotton Candy collection by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood Studio
Cotton Candy collection by Susan Driscoll for Dashwood Studio
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy my moodboard inspiration. I'll post Phase 2: Drawing and Digitizing soon. 


Alex ;)